How To Remove Reoccurring Carpet Stains?

Did you ever face a situation where you have to clean the same dirty spot on the carpet repeatedly? If so, then you must be wondering why it keeps coming back? To answer this, Carpet Cleaning Bexley says homeowners commonly find themselves in this situation because they use the traditional shampooing method to clean. So, how will you remove those stains? To know, let us firstly look at other reasons why stains reappear.

Why Do Stains Reappear On The Surface Of The Carpet?

Possibly you tried cleaning stains on the spot, and it disappears at that time. But despite all your efforts, sooner or later, you see those stains back on your carpet. The reason behind this is the carpet’s nature, and the process is known as soiling and wicking. Let us see in detail about these two processes:


When you use cleaner to remove stains, the liquid soaked way back the carpet fiber, down the backing, i.e., the carpet’s pad. This deep staining will push back on the surface again when the carpet dries out. Sometimes carpet dries in a few days or weeks, and likewise, stains reappear again. The whole process is wicking.

If you see the stains coming back, the next step is to contact a local carpet cleaning professional. Choosing a professional in this situation is a wise decision as they have experience, proper cleaning techniques to make your job easy.


When you use a stain remover or detergent to clean, and it does not thoroughly rinse off. The problem here is that most stain remover contains a sticky substance. If the sticky residue leftover time, it started attracting soil and dust. After several days of foot traffic, it appears to you that the same stain is coming back again on the surface. This process is soiling.

How Do You Deal With The Re-Spotting Problem?

If you are dealing with this problem, then rinse the area with lukewarm water. Next, use a white towel and leave for a minimum of half an hour to draw the residue or soak the moisture. Repeat this several times until the residue dissolve. Finally, it will stop stains from reoccurring.

If the above method fails, then lift the carpet from the floor and let them completely dry. By doing this, carpet backing and padding will dry and remove the reoccurring stains.

Now, if the above methods fail too, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning Bexley. Professionals have the proper equipment to extract the moisture and leave them almost dry, and hence help to solve the reoccurring problem.


The reoccurring of stains is a common issue that people face. It can happen even after a company cleans the carpet. So, you must hire a reputable service provider who is up to date with the technology and equipment.