How To Avoid Frequent Carpet Staining?

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Is it possible to avoid stains on the carpet? Indeed; there is no rocket science behind it. But with proper care and tips to prevent carpet staining, help you in doing so. Even professionals at Carpet Cleaning Bexley are experts in removing stains, but they want you to take care of carpet stains. So, here are easy tips to avoid carpet stain; even if you have a messy home, it will work!

How to avoid carpet staining?

You Can Avoid Carpet Staining From Happening By Following Some Easy Tips!

Keeping Shoes Outside:

The most common carpet stain we get is mud, dirt build-up, and dust accumulation. These come on the carpet from our boots, pet’s paws, hills, etc. Therefore, make a simple rule to leave the shoes outside. Clean your feet as well as your pet’s feet after coming from an outside walk. This will surely help in avoiding carpet stain to an extent. You can also place mats on doors to rub the dirt and then walk on the carpet without hesitation.

Use The Dining Area For Eating And Not The Carpet:

Carpet gives you a comfortable, soft touch and warmth. But this does not mean you start doing all activities on the carpet. In addition, you leave it on the risk of food spills, beverage stains, and much more by allowing eating and drinking on the carpet. And the result is dark spot, stain and dealing them you need carpet steam cleaner or cleaning company.

Try To Keep Kids Away From Carpet:

From food spills to diaper leaks, sketching to painting, kids leave all mess on the carpet. However, it is not easy to keep kids away from the carpet. But you can try your best to guide them when they do activities like playing, crafting, eating, and drinking on the carpet. It is always that you professionally clean the carpet when you have active young ones in the home.

Apply Stain-Resistant Or Protectant:

It is a cost-friendly alternative to keep your carpet stain-free. It acts as a protective layer and helps to keep the carpet spotless. So, instead of spills soaking straight onto the carpet fiber, with stain-resistant, you wipe up spills. Although protectants don’t help prevent all kinds of stain yet it is effective in dealing stains.


These tips surely reduce the amount of damage and spot on the carpet surface and extend the life of your investment. However, deep carpet cleaning takes care of any dirt or stains you leave even after following the above precautions. So, if you are not satisfied with the regular carpet cleaning you do, it’s always good to you take professional carpet cleaning Bexley help.