5 Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods That Professional Do

Are you wondering what methods professionals choose during carpet cleaning? If so, you have landed on the right webpage. In this article, we will discuss the five best methods that professionals choose.

Carpet is one of the essential items that use in almost all homes. Many people use carpets in their living rooms to enhance the elegance of their homes.

However, there is no doubt to say that carpets collect dust and pollutants inside the fiber. And these are the reasons why carpet needs professional cleaning.

If you want to discover the different professional carpet cleaning Bexley methods, so have a look below.

  1. Dry Extraction Cleaning

The dry extraction cleaning method is one of the latest methods that most professionals choose to clean the carpets of Bexley homes. This is a reliable and cost-effective method because it doesn’t need drying time and uses water.

This easy technique involves sprinkling cleaning powder over the carpet and using the rotating brush machine for deep cleaning. Thus, it opens the fibers and lets the powder settle in for deep cleaning.

  1.     Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Shampoo carpet cleaning is yet another best method used by professionals for deep cleaning. This technique involves carpet cleaning shampoo that removes dirt, allergen, and pollutants.

The professional start by applying shampoo to the carpet and then scrub it. After the cleaning process, the carpet will intensely be vacuumed to eliminate soil and leftover shampoo from the carpet.

  1.     Encapsulation

This is a dry carpet cleaning method because it doesn’t require water in the cleaning process. Nevertheless, the technique involves chemical applications that sprinkle over the carpet to kill germs and eliminate pollutants.

Next, professional cleaners scrub the carpet by using the cylindrical tool. The chemical goes inside the fibers and clean effectively. After the whole process, they vacuum the leftover dust. 

  1.     Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is also one of the best and most used methods chooses by experts’ carpet cleaners. This process is also known as hot water extraction.

This method is perfect for doing deep cleaning as it requires hot water and natural cleaning agents. In this process, cleaners leave the cleaning agent for an hour and wash the carpet with hot water. Finally, they left the carpet to dry.

  1.     Bonnet Cleaning

Professionals use a Bonnet carpet cleaning method to absorb the dust particles, soil, dirt, pollutants, and heavy germs. This technique involves cleaning products and carbonated water, and spray.

This method is ideal for companies and hotels because it helps in quickly wash the floor and carpet.


We hope this article has informed you of all the details you were looking for. As you can see, every technique requires a lot of effort, time, and tools. So, you can get the most out of carpet cleaning methods.